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Dear Devotee ! Jai Mataji !
We thank you for your visit on our website and visit to this religious website.

Ashirvad Trust and on behalf of Shri Devendravijayji, my father, now 85, founder of
the temple, I am delighted to note your interest in darshan of Mataji and
activities of the temple. The actual purpose of website creation is only to
make available darshan of Goddess for devotees like you.

Dadaji has travelled all over world for more than 50 years, since 1928
and transmitted true Hindu religion and opened up branches all over. It is
our sincere effort to continue his activity in modern age through internet.

All activities of the temple are on non-profit basis and for help to needy
people. Medicine, Food, Education, feeding kettles in draught or cyclone
time or otherwise. This is possible only by help of our large base of
donors who just pour in funds without any asking for use in good cause.

If you feel you want to help the temple or participate in mataji related
activities you can do so in following ways:

1. Performing Arti in the temple.
2. Sending Saree for mataji dressing daily.
3. Sending direct amount to temple for:

bul.gif (2569 bytes) FREE EYE DONATION CAMPS.
bul.gif (2569 bytes) FREE MEDIACAL to poor people
bul.gif (2569 bytes) FREE FOODGRAINS Temple at the moment, every week cater to more than 500 families with foodgrains.
bul.gif (2569 bytes) FREE KETTLE FEEDING
bul.gif (2569 bytes) FREE HELP to refugees of Cyclone or Draught affected people

In order to reciprocate donors' feelings, the temple have started performing
Arti on any donors' behalf on any of their suggested day like birthday or
wedding day without asking any specific amount from them. They can send any
amount they wish.

If you intend to help this religious institute for good cause of human
service or simply want Arti to be performed on your behalf on any
particular day please fill in the forms which you get with the prasad and
mail it to us. We shall send you special prasad of your Arti day !

It is purely wish of devotee to send any amount in name of ASHIRVAD TRUST
which is tax free u/s 80G of Income Tax Act, India. You can send check or
DD directly at our address and official receipt will be issued.

As primary intention of Ashirvad trust is not only asking donation, even if
you DO NOT contribute anything you are part of family of more than millions of devotees.

Explanation of Prasad packet being sent:

1) Kanku Prasad i.e. red powder which you can apply (either dry or wet
diluted with water) on center of forehead either male or female (incase
you are unaware of the tradition). Keep it in a holy place and whenever
you require another time just let us know. This kanku powder is sent after
specially prayed in the foot of divine mataji.

2) Laminated photograph of Beautifully Dressed Mataji. You can keep in a
holy place for worship.

Please acknowledge receipt, and let us have your suggestions and or comments if any.

We shall also be happy to receive you here personally at temple for darshan
and worship. You can see all activities and participate in Arti, main prayer
to Mataji twice daily. Mataji is each day newly dressed and decorated which
makes attraction for devotees. You can attain purely devotional and soul
raising atmosphere in presence of Mataji. You can refer "How to reach" page.

Let Mataji Shower all blessings on you and your family with total health
and wealth. We will perform special prayer on your behalf at the temple.

For any further assistance or clarifications you are most welcome to
contact me (Mr. Prakash Dave) or Mr. Vishal Jani at:

Mailing Address:
Mr. Prakash Dave,
Manav Mandir, Drive-In Road, Memnagar, Ahmedabad 380052 Gujarat India. Tel
91+79+7490915 or 91+79+7410955 between 8-0 am to 12-30 noon and 4-0 pm to 9-30 pm.

Email address:

For website information or details:
Mr. Suresh / Mr. Sawan at:
Tel 91+79+6562231. Fax: 91+79+6421579.

I shall be happy to reply you promptly. If you want to have any detail for
any of our branches all your queries will be redirected from here to
proper authorities.

|| Jai Mataji ||

Prakash Dave -Incharge

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