Shri Devendravijayji (Dadaji) Founder of the Temple.

Devendravijayji i.e. Dadaji, Founder of Ashrivad Trust, now 85 years of age, very simple, rare personality, more popularly known as kirtanacharya has been performing kirtans i.e. bhajans since last atleast 50 years. Very sober, True ego-less Saint personality he is always to give blessings and try to help everybody who approaches him. Unlike others he has never tried to create followers. He is simply truly connected to his own Religion of Selfless Service, Help whenever possible and do whatever for true cause of Mankind. He has travelled all over world for bhajan performance and transmistted true Hindu Religion. Religion of Universal brotherhood and Global Peace. His work and activities are well responded and appreciated by many famous people. His entire family is devoted now to this cause of bhajan and message to mankind for Peace and true Spiritualism. No wonder his Worhip and Spiritualism has got blessings from Holy Goddess Mother Mataji or Ambaji and every visitor of Temple feels as if the Mataji statue interacts with them. Total Peace of mind and feeling of direct communicating with Super Spiritual Power are specialities of this temple felt by every visitor. 

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