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LOCATION: This Temple Manav Mandir is in Ahmedabad in Gujarat State, India. Only 500 kms from Bombay, there are daily flight connections from Delhi, Madras (Chennai), Bombay and Calcutta or any other City to Ahmedabad and Train connections as well. Ahmedabad is Capital city of Gujarat and Industrially grown. There are many places of interest for visitors. One can easily locate Drive In Cinema area which is appx 12 kms from Airport and 8 kms from Railway Station. On the Drive In Cinema Road this Lotus shaped Pink Temple is on main road.

TIMINGS: Darshan is open for visitors from Morning 6-0 a.m. to 12-30 noon and 3-0 p.m. to 9-30 p.m. The Arti timings are 7-0 a.m. and 7-0 p.m. In Navratri Festival (Sept-Oct) there are special Prayer programmes and Yagna is performed.

CLIMATE: Ahmedabad has mostly dry weather for about 8-10 months. Monsoon is only in July-Aug mostly. Winter season is from Sept to Feb has 20 degree C to 32 degree C. Mar to June is hot season 28 degree C to 42 degree C.

HOTELS: There are plenty of hotel accomodations available in the city to suit any budget. If you need any help for bookings just E-mail us. Price range from USD 5 per day to USD 100.

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